Source Material

  • D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules – an abbreviated ruleset officially published by Wizards of the Coast. Not as good as the full PHB, but it can help you a lot in a pinch.
  • TableTome – an incredibly handy searchable, sortable database of the Basic Rules spells. Sure beats flipping through the PHB’s capacious Spells section! All caster-types, keep this on hand!
  • Sourcebook PDF Downloads – I’m not generally one to encourage piracy, but sometimes Greg and I just aren’t on hand with our hard copies when you need a PHB, so… (NOTE: I have not verified that these are not full of viruses!)
  • The Hypertext D20 SRD – The rules here are out of date, but a great place to check flavor-text questions.
  • /r/dnd – The official-unoffical subreddit for Dungeons and Dragons. LOTS of resources here – everything from advice for new players to worldbuilding tips to character art to tales of in-game hilarity. Also Renee is a mod here, so, she kind of has to plug it to you guys. ;)

Character References


  • The Head of Vecna – always make sure you learn everything you can about a dangerous artifact before you try to use it.
  • Old Man Henderson – When the DM’s bullshit gets out of hand, you get yours out of hand right back. (Start at Director’s Cut.)


  • Lost in translation – The cast of Ocean’s Twelve demonstrates how Thieves’ Cant works (and doesn’t work!).


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