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The Story

Along the banks of the Great Mother River, stories float of the Princess Shamio, third daughter of King Dalamar of the west, a bright and free-spirited lass with beauty beyond compare. But talk of Western royals rarely flows this far downstream, unless something interesting has happened to them.

Late last autumn, Princess Shamio went missing, and royal search parties turned up the tracks of a great beast intermingled with hers. Knights and vagabonds alike report seeing a dragon, its fearsome wings beating against the sky, furiously propelling it eastward, the fair princess clutched jealously in its talons. But as the brutal winter swept in, the trail turned as cold as the weather.

Or so says the bedraggled man at the Rusty Skull, the most famous tavern in the lively town of Jerendale. He even claims to have found the dragon’s lair and fought all the way to the Princess’ prison, only to have the dragon turn him away, saying something about how he was “unworthy.” Now, the question remains: Are you worthy of rescuing the princess?


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