Malon Boldrick


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GM’s Notes

  • Grew up on a traders’ caravan
    • not the most successful merchants, but great at negotiating safe passage, so had access to rarer markets
    • developed the skill of negotiation from this
  • broke off from the caravan as a young man to diplomance two feuding families when their bad blood threatened to take down their whole town
    • stayed behind out of a sense of obligation; this was a situation that was too shitty for him to let remain in good conscience.
    • just as everything got settled down, an unscrupulous arms dealer came in and stirred things up
    • Malon was run out of town for trying to prevent the fighting, as both sides saw him as a traitor
  • Enjoys traveling and is used to it.
    • Feels more natural to be on the move
    • a part of him longs to settle down, but he probably wouldn’t be able to stand it for long
      considered leaving that big town when caravans came through, but felt obligated to stay
  • Magic was a natural proclivity, which was “trained up” by his energetic, slap-dash patching-up of precarious situations.
    • Why his magic focuses on misdirection, mental buffs, spooking people, and utility.
      • Sometimes you just have to make a thunderclap to get everyone to STFU and listen.
  • Feels
    • torn between a desire for home and family and itch to keep moving
      • loves peace and quiet, but is weirded out by too much peace and quiet
    • hates conflict; believes in peaceful, non-violent resolution
    • Would rather try to talk the Dragon into giving up the princess than try to fight him.
      • Has a feeling that more is up than it seems re: the dragon’s motives, and wants to understand them so he can negotiate safe passage for her.

Malon Boldrick

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