Saving Princess Shamio

An Immovable Object and An Unstoppable Force:

A Conversation Between Casper and Fitz

As the group settles in for the night before entering the next room, Casper moves to the furthest end of the platform. He sits by himself, smoking his pipe and looking sullen, his hood pulled over his head.

Fitz walks up from behind and slams his axe handle near Casper’s right arm. Cas jumps.

Cas: The hell Fitz? What do you want?

Fitz: Oh hi there Cas. You’ve been a ghost since you saved my life. Why disappear with that strange pipe? What’s so entertaining about that thing anyways… you and Mogen seem to always be sharing it…

Cas: shrugs It makes the world rosier…why? Would you like to try some?

Fitz: Perhaps. I could do with some roses. But I don’t see roses come out of it. Do they like make magical invisible roses or something? Does it let you see invisibility??

Cas: sigh no Fitz…it’s…it’s an expression. It means…it makes the world feel…better, sometimes. I don’t know, it’s fun! Or at the very least, a distraction

Fitz: Oh ok, I trust you. Give me a shot.

Cas: looks away Why?

Fitz: Why? Well you saved my life, and you may not be strong like dwarf, but you at least can carry a boulder and throw a rope. But that’s irrelevant… I want to know more about this magic pipe.

Cas: sigh FINE hands him the pipe
You know…you really shouldn’t have trusted me in a feat of strength…I don’t know why you would trust me at all. It was pure luck that we managed to save you at all! Aren’t you…upset? I mean…I dropped you!

Fitz: stares at pipe confused, looking at both ends before turning around and puts it in his mouth the correct end settles on putting it in side of mouth correct way in without breathing

Cas: sighs again Here. You…you need to light it, then inhale lights match You’ve seriously never seen a pipe before?

Fitz: Luck? Luck didn’t save me. I am strong like bear. No chance that I fall in the pit below. Plus you threw that second rope right? I had trouble finding a way up.

Cas: No, I…I caught the second rope when you threw it up…But I had to give the rope to Celan to pull you up.

Fitz: Eh fair, all the same. You help me save myself.

Cas: He’s much stronger than I am. Of all the people in our group who are stronger, why choose me?

Fitz: Yes but you use that tiny stick and somehow hit as hard as me. I don’t understand. You must be very strong.

Cas: I’m quick and clever, there’s a difference.

Fitz: attempts to puff lighter in pipe cough cough cough

Cas: Hobbits are…well we’re better at being sneaky, getting the moment of surprise

Fitz: Ack what is this? And where are the roses?

Cas: We’re not strong like you…Just give it a minute Fitz.

Fitz: looks at the pipe with consternation, even though he doesn’t understand that word

Cas: smirks and chuckles, despite himself

Fitz: Quick, clever? Are you telling me you snuck into that chest and opened it without mystical force? I slammed it and it wouldn’t open!

Cas: I’m a thief Fitz, breaking into things kinda goes with the job description.

Fitz: And that locked cage with the tiny ball. I couldn’t even beat that locked gate. Damn things…I swear barred doors are too strong. And yet you’ve beaten them. Somehow you are stronger than me, and yet you don’t act like it…

Cas: Well…you’re better at hitting things. I’m better at thievery. You’ve certainly got no skills with THAT.

Fitz: And you only use a tiny stick! If you could learn to use a weapon like this one…Thievery like pick pocketing? THAT is wrong! Why would I want skills in that?

Casper: chuckles I can’t imagine why. Fitz, that weapon is 4 times my size, I don’t think I could even CARRY it, let alone swing it.

Fitz: Meh it’s not that heavy. But it gives me power. That is important…wait is it just me or is the ground a little watery…

Cas: …watery?

Fitz: Yes… like a lake….quick Cas we must move to the far wall, and hold ourselves steady.

Cas: Okay Fitz, let’s just go sit down next to the wall.

Fitz: gets up No the wall is moving too…… what is going on?

Cas: Relax Fitz, it’s just the pipeweed. It should make you relax, make things feel better.

Fitz: Pipeweed? This pipeweed your talking about makes the world wavey? Is this what is in the pipe?

Cas: groans Yes Fitz. You know how alcohol makes you feel? It’s a bit like that, but…different!

Fitz: This reminds me of a squirrels running after a forest fire. Long long ago….

Cas: shakes head

Fitz: Nothing like alcohol…. alcohol makes me feel strong. You can fight and stab scorpion with wavey world all the time?

Cas: Listen…Fitz….you shouldn’t be trusting me with your life. None of you should. I…all I do is let people down…I’m better off on my own. I think I should just get the rest of this dungeon over with, take my share of the bounty, and move on.

Fitz: Why would you do that? I don’t understand. Sure you make mistake and let me down, but you also make up mistake and bring me up. And you save us from chest without help.

Cas: Because…because when I spend too much time with people, they might put their faith in me like you did, and then I can only let them down.

Fitz: And you open bars without help. You make us stronger.

Cas: Maybe…but you have to understand Fitz, I’m no hero. And I’m not a good friend.

Fitz: No, but you want to be. And I want to be. And there is no way I will be a hero and beat this dragon if you hadn’t helped me

Cas: Life has made me selfish, I know that, but I…I have to take care of myself first.

Fitz: Why would you go through all the work of being a hero, just to walk away without the honor?

Cas: I was never in it to save the princess, I was in it for the money.

Fitz: I have tried the alone road…. it is not very fun.

Cas: It’s all I’ve ever really known.

Fitz: What good is money? You can only buy so much ale. And alone is pretty much all I know too. But I still settle in towns because I want company. And I want recognition.

Cas: When you grow up with nothing, money is everything.

Fits: Silly halfling, teaching me about growing up. chuckles i’ve been here twice as long as you have :)

Cas: Oh I like company too, just only for a night or two, if you catch my drift.

Fitz: I must have missed this drift you mention, because I couldn’t catch it. Also, why only a night or two? Not enough time to trust someone. Usually you need at least 3 or 4 months to know someone isn’t going to stab you. Elwenar, now I like him, but I think he still wants to stab me.

Cas: I’m not looking for trust, I’m looking for sex. You /have/ heard of that at least haven’t you? is getting impatient

Fitz: Sex. But I see sex all the time. I am sex. I am boy, you are boy. Easy. Why you look so hard for sex?

Cas: Not…not that kind of sex Fitz. cough moving on…

Fitz: Ok. I guess this is another odd habit. But anyways, good company is hard to find. And I’m lucky that I have found another strong fighter so quickly. You should stick around a little longer. I always stick around until people start to hate me. No sense leaving before that point… it’s less fun.

Cas: You really…you really don’t care that I almost killed you?

Fitz: Almost killed me? ME? Pshaw… A little fall in a bottomless pit won’t kill me. And anyways, you saw I caught myself. And you also saved me when I couldn’t get up. I don’t care at all. You saved me when I needed it. That’s all that matters.

Cas: I don’t care too much about being liked, it’s more that…well every time someone has liked me enough to trust me, I’ve let them down. Which is why I try not to get involved. And take care of myself first…I just don’t understand how you can still believe in me after that.

Fitz: Well every time I’ve liked someone enough to trust them, they’ve kicked me out of town. I still don’t know why. But good friends are hard to find and keep. So a little let down is nothing, especially when they fight as good as you. I mean, you beat a barred cage! Those are, like, really strong enemies!

Cas: Heh

Fitz: I almost threw out my… never mind. Don’t mention I said that. Oh good… the ground stopped moving

Cas: So I guess you can understand what it’s like to not be trusted. There you go, I told you you’d get used to it…are you hungry?

Fitz: Ummm maybe a little… stomach roars like bear

Cas: takes out some bread, tears it in half …here.

Fitz: Thanks :)

Cas: I don’t usually share my food with others, but, well…you deserve it.

Fitz: I appreciate it. Thank you. Here, have some of my deer meat. It may be a little soggy, but it should do.
Cas: Thank you Fitz…I appreciate your generosity. I haven’t met many generous people in my life.

Fitz: Me neither. You stay that way though, ok? I’ve been chased out of town by enough sticks, and yours seems like it’s a bit stronger than others.

Cas: I don’t make a habit of being generous Fitz. This is…a special circumstance.

Fitz: Ok I trust you.

Cas: You may have forgiven me, but I’ll still feel badly for a while. I owe you. But I won’t chase you out of town Fitz.

Fitz: rolls 15 on self control check (THANK GOD!)

Cas: Besides, we’re not in a town! smirks

Fitz: Good point. Ok I think I’ll have some rest now.

Cas: Of course…we do have a big day tomorrow…

Fitz: I feel oddly …sleepy…
Cas: But um…I just want you to know…I…I may not /condone/ you putting your trust in me, but since I can’t seem to stop you…I…appreciate it. looks shifty and awkward

Fitz: cuddles up on ground with back to Casper

Cas: And I…I’ll do my best to not let you down again.

Fitz: Er herm… sure…
Cas: Goodnight Fitz.

Fitz: Ni…. zzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZ…. really loud snoring


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